Just imagine… what would the world be like without science and technology? No mobile phones or internet. No airplanes or journeys into space. No understanding of the microcosmic mechanisms that keep our bodies working or amazing insights about how the universe began. Indeed, we all rely on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) not only to keep our homes, schools, city, and daily life up and running but also to inspire us to create a better future. From “smart” cities and cutting-edge eco-solutions to address climate change to the calculations to power financial technology and the latest gadgets to improve how we live, STEM opens the door to new ways of seeing, doing and being.

Platform for Innovation – STEM@HKUST

For over 30 years, HKUST has served as a pioneering champion of science and technology education and discovery in Hong Kong and the region. Now STEM@HKUST offers a lively and comprehensive learning hub to support school students, teachers and members of the community in finding out more about these fascinating and ever-more significant driving forces of the 21st century.

STEM@HKUST, the University is delighted to draw together all of our fun and inspiring STEM activities for youngsters of all ages. The platform also provides resources for educators and outreach events of interest to community members in line with our goal to become a must-go-to resource for fostering Hong Kong’s tech talent and creativity.

Early Taste of STEM, Energizing Young Minds

HKUST has always encouraged younger learners to join the next generation of world-beating STEM experts. Numerous activities involving hands-on experience are organized to let children and teenagers know what it feels like to think like a scientist, engineer or mathematician. The Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented provides an early taste of STEM to young minds through regular programs, such as Kids@UST, the Dual Program, offering university-level courses, and the Enrichment Program for Gifted Learners in summer. The Summer Institute and Science Summer Camp. In addition, the Academy for Bright Future Engineers creates authentic engineering experiences for high school students throughout the year to help them embrace an engineer’s mindset.

Boost Exchange of STEM Ideas Proactively

HKUST faculty deepen their interaction with the wider community in many different ways. Our academics regularly take part in the Hong Kong SciFest Lecture Series, held in association with the Hong Kong Science Museum, and have long been training up Hong Kong representatives for prestigious international school student competitions such as the International Mathematical Olympiad, Asian Physics Olympiad, Hong Kong Joint-School Biology Olympiad and The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition. The Center for Global & Community Engagement (GCE) provides opportunities for students to interact with their counterparts and the professional bodies around the world. Publications by different departments further spread the word. Just visit our Resources section to find out more. 

Nurturing STEM Culture, Bringing Impact to Society

We are also keen to demonstrate what STEM means in real life. In line with this, the University participates in the Innovation and Technology Commission’s InnoCarnival, presenting technology and engineering in an accessible way to school students, along with their parents and other members of the public. There are more action-packed and thought-provoking times in store via HKUST’s annual Underwater Robot Competition, which lets youngsters try out their robot-building skills and attracts teams from a host of local schools, including mainstream students, those with special educational needs, ethnic minorities, and the underprivileged. The Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT) Program, led by the Division of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and takes place at each fall semester, allows students from various disciplines to discover the most pressing health care issues by talking to volunteer groups from the developing world. Meanwhile, impactful community projects are always underway. One recent example is the HKUST Community EXPLORE Project, which has helped build high school students’ technical knowledge and skills in monitoring air quality and scientifically identifying sources of pollution.

Ready for the Future

The new age of STEM is no time to be left behind. Visit STEM@HKUST to keep yourself up with the latest in learning, teaching and community developments. And don’t hesitate to let us know, at stem@ust.hk, if you have suggestions for generating greater awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.